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It is not a question.

It is the how we see the world. How we question the way things actually are. Why Not? These two words help us cross frontiers. See the world through other eyes. The right question today is not Why? but Why Not?

They have taken a step forward

Larisa, the Nordic experience

She is one of our 2500 international students. Discipline and determination are two of the values she grew up with. That is why she faces challenges with a big smile full of confidence and energy: "I know I can achieve whatever I want".

Doctors for a better world

Two unforgettable weeks in their lives. This is what the fourth edition of Medipinas meant for the team of Medicine students who, led by their teacher, surgeon Belén Merck, participated in the humanitarian mission led by our University in the Philippines.

Make it happen.

Take our advice. We all have our dream. And no matter how hard it is or how hard it gets, we need to keep going. Because one day, your dream will come true.

How far will you go to accomplish your dream?

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