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Do you want to know more?

It is not a question.

It is the how we see the world. How we question the way things actually are. Why Not? These two words help us cross frontiers. See the world through other eyes. The right question today is not Why? but Why Not?

Why not study Pharmacy in an actual pharmacy?

Our brand new Faculty of Health Sciences includes a Pharmaceutical Training Room for your practicals, where you will interact with real patients.

Why not an international experience abroad?

Here at CEU we push the envelope in international mobilities for our students. Get ready to push your boundaries with an exciting study abroad program that will take you to France, Portugal or Finland among others, and add an international experience to your curriculum.

Beyond Pharmacy

Throughout your degree, you will increase your skills in strategic or financial management, stock management or in marketing planning tools, applied in a pharmacy environment.

Why not a global University?

Students from over 70 countries share their lives in our campus. Students coming from the United Stated, Germany, Sweden or Norway, among others. Students with a global mind, seeking a global career in the field of Health Sciences.

Why not in Valencia?

Discover Valencia, one of the preferred destinations for European students. A vibrant Mediterranean city where tradition and avant-garde blend in perfectly: An affordable and pleasant environment to spend your university years.

Why not at CEU UCH?

International students at CEU Valencia can benefit from exclusive services, as well as support resources to ensure their integration upon arrival. That is why over 2500 international students have already chosen us to pursue their studies.

They have taken a step forward

Fighting Alzheimer’s from the Pharmacy Room

See how our students have joined the fight against Alzheimer’s disease >>

A melting pot of cultures

A get-together with future pharmacists from around the globe. >>

Maybe no-one knows

no-one knows

Make it happen.

Take our advice. We all have our dream. And no matter how hard it is or how hard it gets, we need to keep going. Because one day, your dream will come true.

How far will you go to accomplish your dream?

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